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John Hoffmann, who lives in Brighton and owns a floor covering business, has suffered from severe sleep apnea for most of his 65 years. His wife, who works as a surgical technologist at SJMAA, encouraged him to consider TORS.

"I was always dog tired and falling asleep at work or at the dinner table—even at stop lights-- and my snoring was terrible," said Hoffmann.

Hoffmann had the surgery a year ago after struggling with the CPAP device that he found awkward and cumbersome. He had his uvula, adenoids, tonsils and soft tissue at the back of his tongue removed, and although recovery was difficult, he says the surgery was well worth it.

"Life is so much better," said Hoffmann. "To wake up feeling refreshed and feel human again is unbelievable. I actually dream now because I'm finally getting deep sleep."

Dr. Hoff, you performed the robotic sleep apnea surgery on me last June. I had a sleep study in January, and met with you in February, when you gave me miraculous news! Prior to my surgery I had stopped breathing over 100 times an hour, and after the surgery, less than 2 times an hour!! I had an extremely difficult time with the bi-pap machine, as the pressure setting was very high (19). I felt as though I was in a tornado, so it was not effective for me. Your suggestion of surgery was a blessing. Since having my surgery, I feel like a new person! I sleep so well at night, and am absolutely silent, no snoring!! You have given me my life back, I can be the active mom I was struggling to be! I am forever grateful for what you have done for me. I would highly, highly recommend the surgery to anyone struggling with the bi-pap machine, as well as you and your team. Everyone was fabulous, from you to the nurses, to the office staff. Thank you!! Please feel free to contact me at anytime if someone would like to speak with me about the procedure and what to expect etc. I would be happy to help ease their mind.


"Best thing I ever did", My husband says I am not snoring. I am no longer using CPAP and I am sleeping 8 hours without waking up. Best of all when I wake up I feel rested.

NS - Novi, MI

"I'm so glad I did it". I also lost some weight and have kept it off.

NE - Canton, MI


  • Immediately when I woke up from the surgery I felt like I had HD breathing. I could take breaths with much more ease. I felt like there was so much more air coming through my throat.
  • I can actually breathe through my nose. In the past I had a hard time breathing through my nose. When I was fitted for CPAP I had to have a hybrid mask that went to my nose and mouth because it was so hard for me to breathe through my nose.
  • I have been told that my snoring is no longer an issue, in the past it could be heard between rooms in the house. Now I get no complaints.
  • I dream regularly gain and wake up feeling refreshed. I no longer feel the 2 pm – 3 pm fatigue as I did in the past.


  • I felt the worst pain came between days 2-5, after that I feel that I was out of the woods in terms of pain.
  • I was done using Percocet and Roxicet completely by day 10, and had reduced the use of them significantly by day 7.
  • Pain was always the worst when I woke up in the morning. I tried my best to take Percocet or Roxciet in the middle of the night if I woke up in pain and enough time had passed to allow me to take another dose. However I never set an alarm to wake up and take it, looking back it might have been a good idea.
  • Also when I woke up my tongue would be extremely dry.
  • To remedy the pain in the morning I found that one of the best things for me was to drink water with lots of ice right when I woke up. It helped with the swelling and pain in the morning. I would wake up and take my meds and sit on the couch and drink a few glasses. I can’t emphasize enough how much this helped me. I continued to drink water for the remainder of the day. The mornings were rough for the first 5-7 days.
  • I was able to start eating while in the hospital but was limited to Jell-O, pudding, ice cream, and broth they gave me.
  • During the first week I ate Jell-O, pudding, ice cream, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, and soup. I didn’t each much but when I did I found that the cooler foods worked better than hot. I would recommend staying away from hot or warm foods all together.
  • As far as drinks water and apple juice worked best for me, anything else didn’t work out. I tried powerade and Gatorade but they irritated my throat. The same went for carbonated drinks. I tried sparkling water once and it hurt.
  • I would say by day 7-10 I was able to eat solid foods again. However swallowing was difficult. I just took my time and chewed carefully. Also I tried to stick to softer foods.
DP - Saline, MI